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Tours, Tastings and Tales

Welcome to our distillery, where every tour offers a unique experience, from exclusive barrel tastings to in-depth explorations of our craft and tradition, all guided by our amazing team of distillers and stewards. 


Barrel Tasting

Uncover the soul of our whiskey through exclusive barrel tastings, where each cask tells a story, allowing you to select the perfect pour for a truly personalized experience. Included is a tasting of three straight from the barrel pours and the stories from its journey.

Distillery Tour


Explore the artistry behind our spirits on a guided journey through our distillery, revealing our process and heritage from inception to creation in a comprehensive, engaging tour. Included is a sampling of our vodka, gin, and three whiskeys as well as a walking cocktail.


Distiller tour

Join our Head Distiller in this exclusive distillery, and barrel tastings tour, a detailed distillery walkthrough, and the unique opportunity to have a bottle from your chosen single barrel or blend for an unforgettable, personalized experience. Included is a bottle of barrel strength whiskey from your chosen barrel, as well as a complete tour and tasting of products offered in the distillery tour.

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