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American whiskey

Corn field

At Nobletons, our American Whiskey stands as a testament to tradition meticulously refined over time. Each bottle embodies our unwavering dedication to the artistry of distillation, where time-honored practices meet modern craftsmanship. Rooted in our commitment to agriculture, every sip of our American Whiskey encapsulates the essence of our carefully nurtured grains, harvested from our own fields. With each batch, we honor the legacy of our heritage, crafting a spirit that resonates with the richness of tradition and the authenticity of our agrarian roots.

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Our Process

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Cultivating Grains and farming

Cultivating the grains destined for our distillery embodies more than mere agriculture—it's a harmonious synergy between our ancestral farming traditions and the artful transformation of these grains into the soul of our spirits. In the fields, each seed sown carries the weight of generations past, nurtured by the land, weathered by time, and meticulously tended to ensure that every harvest yields not just grain, but the very essence of our legacy distilled into every drop.


Our distillation process is an art form, meticulously crafted through the marriage of ancestral inspiration and modern ingenuity. Our hand-built, forged copper stills, conceived by our Founder in collaboration with local artisans and welders, stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Inspired by the time-honored Armagnac alembic still schematics, these magnificent apparatuses are exclusively crafted from forged American copper.

The design of our stills serves as an orchestra conductor, coaxing out the nuanced flavors and profound depths from the mash, guiding them into our new make spirits. This intricate design isn't just a vessel; it's a conduit for the soul of our spirits. The deliberate separation of oils and conjoiners nurtured during our 48-day fermentation finds its expression in the remarkable viscosity of our finished spirits.

With each distillation, our copper stills become guardians of tradition, capturing the essence of our meticulously cultivated grains and the alchemy born from our unique fermentation process. The result? Spirits that bear the marks of craftsmanship, tradition, and the distinct character unique to our spirits.

fermentation and cooking

Our approach to fermentation and grain cooking is steeped in the time-honored traditions passed down through generations. We take pride in a meticulous process that begins with the individual cooking of each grain, ensuring its distinct character is preserved throughout. Our dedication to authenticity is evident in our 48-day fermentation period—a practice rooted in the rhythms of our ancestors' lives.

This 48-day fermentation echoes an age-old tradition, mirroring the time from harvest's end until the homestead cooled with the changing seasons. It's a practice that reveres the natural pace of time and allows the grains to evolve, unlocking layers of flavor and depth. This ancestral wisdom, preserved and cherished, continues to define our fermentation process today.


Our whiskey aging process unfolds in three stages. We begin with 7 years in new oak barrels, followed by another 7 in used casks. Finally, a third neutral cask hosts our whiskey for up to 7 more years. These time-honored traditions, passed down through generations, is our foundation, and we're just beginning to explore its depths, ensuring each sip embodies our legacy of patience and refined flavor.

Disclaimer: At Nobletons, we acknowledge that while we are nearing the second stage of maturation for our whiskies, our practice is in its early stages. This tradition has been passed down to us through stories and heritage; however, we are yet to fully realize and perfecte this process. We are actively engaged in learning and mastering this age-old tradition, committed to the journey of discovery and refinement as we strive to bring forth the best expression of our craft.

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