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Campfire dinner Chapter: 1

Step into our world, where the crackle of the campfire sets the stage for an evening of tradition and community. Our dinner experience blends the art of preparing meals over an open flame with storytelling, inviting you to delve into our family's heritage and journey. As you savor our family recipes, each dish tells a tale of resilience and passion, complemented by a selection of whiskey from our friend's distillery. Join us around the fire for an unforgettable night of flavors and stories, where every moment embodies the warmth of shared traditions and camaraderie.

As part of our immersive dinner experience, each ticket includes the opportunity to select a barrel of whiskey from our friend's distillery. This personalized barrel pick adds a unique touch to your evening, allowing you to choose a whiskey that resonates with your palate and preferences. As a special bonus, every guest will also receive a bottle of this carefully chosen whiskey to take home, ensuring that the memories and flavors of the night linger long after the campfire has dimmed.

Menu: Caprese Salad with homemade focaccia 

Steak (Teres Major) + Tri color potatoes + asparagus 

Aebleskiver served with Bourbon Caramel + Local Honey 

Speciality Cocktail.

Details: Arrival time is 7:30pm on June 1st 2024. 


Join us around the fire

Event date: June 1st 2024 at 7:30pm.

Price per person: $200.00

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